Porsche GT3-R Test Day @ Sebring

Juan climbs into a GT3-R for the first time.

As a new car to both Rob and Juan, they needed at least a full day of testing to get to know the Porsche 997 GT3-R. Both came from racing 997 GT3 Cup cars, which the GT3-R is based off of, but clearly much different. There is a significant amount of aero grip available with the GT3-R. From the huge rear wing, to the flat floor and intimidating bodywork, there is a good deal of “faith in equipment” needed to reach close to the car’s potential. Perhaps the most difficult thing mentally is sitting in the car and knowing you have something entirely different than a 997 GT3 Cup wrapped around you; the cockpit is the same, the seat is the same, dash, steering wheel….everything. It’s not until you hear the different tone from the Porsche GT3-R’s gearbox that you can begin to accept the fact that the car is not a Cup Car. Then, you can begin to test the waters in terms of grip. In addition to the obvious visual aero enhancements, the GT3-R has a much wider track than the Cup Car as well. The front tires of the GT3-R are just about the same size as Cup Car rear tires. Neither Rob nor Juan had driven such an aero grip GT3 Spec car before this day.

At the conclusion of a fairly crowded test day, both drivers felt reasonably confident they had a handle on the car’s potential, but were experiencing significant under steer, especially in low fuel conditions. Adjustments had to be made before the first race where limits would have to be pushed well beyond the test session. A lot of good data was logged that Juan and Rob made good use of in preparation for the March 2018 Sebring race – just a month away. Stay tuned for more…..

While at the track, Rob and Juan were joined by DRIVE Coffee for a little photo shoot and media gathering for their new marketing materials. Check out DRIVE Coffee’s signature blends online at www.DriveCoffee.com and on Instagram / Facebook. It’s the coffee for car people!